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Support Us By Donating

Your donation will be used to support events, future projects and expenses inquired by running Safari Yangu 4 Immigrants Stories. You can donate via PayPal or in person at any of our events. 100% of the money donated will be going towards improving Safari Yangu and growing it into a global organization. We appreciate everyone who donates, monetarily or with their time.

ways you can donate:


For corporate sponsorship, RDJ SHELTER in Harlem will accept a check on our behalf as fiscal sponsors..


Fill out the form below  to donate to the organizations. Donations will be processed through Nick Ogutu.

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To oUr Founder

All in-person donations can be given to Nick Ogutu. Visit his website to contact him below.


If you are interested in making a quick donation to one of our causes check out our wishlist. This is where you can find specific things to donate to Safari Yangu. Use the contact form below to email us about a specific donation:

  • 1. A Professional camera that also takes video

  • Video editing software (adobe premiere)

  • Studio Lighting

  • Memory Cards

  • Subway Metro Cards for  NYC

  • Studio Space to record videos

Thanks! Message sent.

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